Dan Demers


Dan was born and raised in Western Canada. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta in political science and then studied at the Center for African Studies at Dalhousie University. Dan started his career on Parliament Hill in 1988 as a policy advisor to the Liberal caucus. Following several years working in the opposition Dan went on to serve as Chief of Staff to two cabinet Ministers (science, economic diversification and Finance portfolios).

Dan then joined the public service as a Director in the Federal Government (National Research Council) where he focused on supporting research, innovation and economic growth by securing government policy approval and over $500 million in funding for strategic initiatives between the Federal Government, provinces, universities and the private sector.  For this work Dan was twice awarded the NRC’s national achievement award for his work on technology clusters and nanotechnology.

Dan continued his career in government relations as a senior executive in the health, research and agriculture sectors as well as leading the National Office (Ottawa) of the Canadian Cancer society. This work resulted in significant changes in public policy and government programs at both the federal and provincial levels including new tax support for caregivers, regulatory changes to protect consumers, and innovative programs on community engagement and sustainable economic development.

Today, Dan works with political leadership and staff across political parties to achieve results for clients by helping shape political positions and platforms and how they are translated into Government budgets, programs, regulations, and intergovernmental agreements. Dan’s intimate understanding of how Government priorities are set, and decisions made and his strong network of political “insiders” and senior Government officials allows him to successfully advocate for clients across sectors and Governments as well as help mentor the next generation of political advocates.

Dan lives in Ottawa with his amazing daughter Savannah and enjoys being outdoors kayaking and cross-country skiing volunteering in his community